Saturday, July 31, 2010

My first tatting

Sometimes when you look for something you find it everywhere! I wanted to learn tatting for quite some time now and I had already bought a tatting shuttle. I forgot all about it until I saw this lovely octopus. Then Miriam wrote about her experiments with tatting and she added a link to a good tutorial. She told me which yarn she had used, so now I could give it a try. I looked at the video over and over again and this is the only result that looks a bit like tatting!So the tatting shuttle was not the tool for me and I remembered that there was a link about needle tatting on Needlework News not so long ago. I watched that video and remembered I had a trapunto needle. This needle is 6 inch long and has a blunt point. I tried it with some light blue cotton yarn and it went very well! I just tatted watching the video. The size of this one is 5 cm (2 inch). Over the next few days I tried different crochet yarn to see how small they could be with this needle. Only the two small ones are not done with this needle. For those I used a long needle (for mending socks) with a sharp point! It was tricky, but it worked. I used Pinguin cotton 12 for the white one and DMC cotton 80 for the variegated one. This last one is only 5/8 inch or 1,5 cm!
I want to try more, but I have to buy tatting needles first. I hope I can find them here!


  1. Oh wow, my mum used to tat and and remember watching her in awe! I should give this a try one day, perhaps after I have mastered crochet.
    Kandi x

  2. Leuk Annet, dat je nu ook een poging gedaan heb. Ik moet eerlijk bekennen dat mijn pogingen om met een spoeltje te werken ook niet echt tot daverend resultaat geleid hebben. Af en toe maak ik nog steeds een fout en helaas weet ik dan ook niet altijd wat ik fout gedaan heb. Ringetjes maken gaat nu wel, maar het maken van verbindingen is nog geen enkele keer goed gelukt. Ik ben heel benieuwd of je de goede naalden te pakken kunt krijgen.

  3. Well, thank you so much for linking to my octopus, and congratulations for learning to needle tat! I would suggest that you might like to join Georgia Seitz's Online Tatting Class which is set to start up again after the summer. I learned so much in her class, received tons of patterns, and I'm sure she could give you info where to get needles if she doesn't carry them. Please let me know if you want to chat tatting. There's a lot of online sites to help, and, as a needle tatter, I'd be happy to help you, too.


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