Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Embroidered stuffie swap

Two months ago I was in a swap for an embroidered stuffie. Mary made this pretty Anubis for me. It arrived before I had finished the gnome for Lisa. I used a pattern designed by Andrea Zuill and I made a mirror image to make a matching backside.
But after 2 months the little gnome is still travelling, so I made a new stuffie for Lisa. This time I used a pattern designed by Mollie Johanson, to match the gnome if it ever arrives! I’m glad this mushroom arrived after a week.


  1. Bad thing, that the gnome didn't arrive. He is really cute. But the mushroom is cute too. Hope they will meat some day.

  2. I'm so glad the mushroom made it and btw, love the fabric you chose to stitch him on (and the way you used the split stitch for the mushroom dots!) Perhaps one day the gnome will arrive! Thank you again!

  3. A shame the gnome did not arrive, it is great. Like the mushroom and its little face.

  4. The gnome is so cute! I wonder where it is??


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