Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Raised cup stitch again

I didn’t touch my embroidery for almost a week! But today I made some time to finish my raised cup stitch sampler. First I added some purple and blue flowers next to the red and yellow one’s I already made with perle 5. Shirley added a lot of beads to the center of her flowers and that reminded me of the drizzle stitch. So I made some drizzle stitches in my flowers and then I decorated them with woven picot leaves.My next raised cup flower is a daffodil. I made 2 rounds of stitches with perle 5 with a small French knot inside. For the petals I used the woven picot again.
I wanted to try a different yarn too, so I used an acrylic thread for these flowers.
After all those flowers I wanted to do something different. I used the raised cup stitch for the wheels of a car with a silver bead inside. The car is done with a padded satin stitch. My complete sampler is on my Flickr-page.


  1. woww ..all are very beautiful..very smart way of using the stitch for wheels..I like the yellow flower most..

  2. I love them all, especially the sheen on the daffodil - the car feels a little out of place ;p

  3. Love the daffodil Annet and the little car is gorgeous.


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