Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pleated fabric ATC's

There was only one rule for this swap: the fabric had to be pleated. The ATC on the left is made by Hannah. There’s a texture in the fabric, that doesn’t show in the picture. But it adds a lot of movement to the ATC. The brown one is made by Tricia. She used the same fabric she had sent me in a previous swap. I used it in the centre of my 8 x 8 inch class block! She also sent me those cute fireflies with glow in the dark paint on them.I used some vintage fabrics that I received in a previous swap for my ATC's. I ironed the folds in it and decorated it with embroidery; straight stitches on the purple one for Tricia and French knots on the blue one for Hannah. I sewed some fantasy knitting yarn on the edges.


  1. all very pretty, not sure if I can pick a fav :)

  2. That brown fabric is shimmery copper (red and gold) when it's not stitched down on top of something! :^) I didn't recognize it on the CQ block. Here's a picture of the cape that I bought it for:


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