Saturday, June 5, 2010

Encrusted Crazy Quilting 2

Just a quick update of my progress on the 8 x 8 inch block I made for Sharon’s class Encrusted crazy quilting. There were 49 pages to read before I could start my embroidery! It was hard to take good pictures, so I took some detail shots too.
Buttonhole fans on the lace and straight stitches on the braid below.
Herringbone stitch and Cretan stitch.
Feather stitch.


  1. Ooooh love the details - makes me wanna start stitching again (been a looonnnggg time)

  2. Ohh, the buttonhole fan on the lace is such a clever idea! Your block is looking great, already!

  3. The fabrics you selected for the block are so vibrant and your embellishments are fabulous!


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