zaterdag 6 maart 2010

Diamond stitch again

I tried some more diamond stitches in the last few days. I already wrote about the 3 rows on the left side here. When I was looking at the things other people did with this stitch I found this great sampler. It inspired me to try a double diamond stitch. I used blue perle 5 and started with 2 rows next to each other and connected them. At the end I seperated them again and ended with 2 rows. I used the end for the start of a brown perle 5 row and then I decorated the end of the wide blue row with a spiral trellis stitch. Now it looks like a little man, standing on his hands! I also used this stitch to couch a piece of ribbon, I secured the ends with a French knot. The small yellow row in perle 5 is stretched with a few detached chain stitches. The next row is done with 3 threads of stranded DMC color variations. The stiches at the bottom half are closer together. The green row at the right is done in DMC broder special. The top one is close together. The second one is a strange variation. First a made a wide diamond stitch from top to bottom, then I rotated my fabric a quarter and stitched another diamond stitch on top of it. The last 6 small ones are close together and I alternated the direction for each one. There is a bigger picture on my Flickr-page.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I love how "the little man" ended up working. You have very nice tension.

  2. This is a nice full sampler! I like the individual stitches, I didn't think of that.