maandag 22 maart 2010

Metal Fiber ATC's

This was another fun swap. Each ATC had to be made of shiny metallic fabric and there had to be one real metal element on it. Of course there was no glue allowed! These were the ATC’s I received for this swap. The left one is made by Bonnie and she attached a metal ring to the ATC. The right one is made by Stephanie and she used tinfoil around the hole, which is filled with shiny beads. The ATC’s are just very pretty, but they are hard to photograph!I made my ATC’s for Tricia and Elizabeth. The background is a silver fabric that I had to stiffen to stop it from fraying. The metal men were part of this magnetic game.
I made circles from a piece of metallic organza and I embroidered them on the background with a buttonhole stitch on the left and a herringbone stitch on the right. The metal men are trapped between the background and the organza, so they can still move a little. First I wanted to use the shisha stitch for the circle, but that didn’t work with the background fabric. For the edge of my ATC’s I used a metallic knitting yarn and a piece of a broken necklace.

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