zondag 14 maart 2010

Knotted loop stitch again

My sampler for the second TAST-stitch is finished. I made lots of pictures to show you what I did. Just click the pictures to see the details bigger. The first one is done with 2 different threads: yellow DMC broder special and 3 threads of green stranded DMC. I stitched the yellow first.The next row is done in purple and lilac perle 5. I started at the left side with purple and changed to lilac after 2 stitches. I continued alternating these threads until the end.
For my next experiment I used tube beads with green and orange variegated Sulky cotton 30. I started at the bottom with green and a tube bead. Before I made the knotted loop I attached a second tube bead to my thread. Then I made a knotted loop stitch without beads. I repeated this 5 more times. Then I only made stitches without beads, alternating the size and direction of the stitches.
This is a piece of ribbon I attached to the fabric with backstitches at the edges. Then I made the knotted loop stitches between the tulips with 2 threads of yellow stranded DMC.
For my last experiment I used orange variegated Sulky cotton 30 again. First I made a square of backstitches. I started the first knotted loop stitch in a corner. It looks like pulled thread embroidery!
If you want to see my complete sampler, just take a look at my Flickr-page.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. All the stiches are beautiful..I like the orange most..

  2. The ones above the tube beads remind me of a spider web (if spider webs were square :^). After looking at the Flickr photo, I was surprised to read over here that it was the same stitch as the others! You really can make a lot of different looks.

  3. Wonderful interpretations of the stitch.
    If I had to choose a favourite it would be the orange with the shisha look. Hard choice all the same.

  4. I rally liked this stich worked in a square and as an eye stitch - greatstuff!