Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My first embroidery

A few days ago Annette left a comment that my stitches reminded her of the samplers she did in her school days. That made me think about an embroidery bag I made at primary school when I was about 8 years old. We all had to use the same patterns on the edges and the back and we had to make our own cross stitch design on the front. I think the embroidery is done in perle 5. The edge has a pink running stitch and blue and green cross stitches. Our teacher stitched the lining in the bag on her sewing machine.I used the bag at school for the project I was working on. That’s why we had to embroider our name on it. I shortened my name when I left primary school.
This is a close-up of the stitches on the back. I’m very happy I still have my first piece of embroidery, it’s a real treasure!


  1. Leuk hoor, dat je dit nog hebt! En ook best netjes gedaan voor een meiske van 8 jaar.

  2. How neat to still have something from school days. I think I would have to dig deep to find mine.

  3. That is a treasure! The first project I remember stitching was a Holly Hobbie embroidery design on the back of a denim shirt (it was the style back then), but I suspect it is long gone. I should ask my mom.

  4. Wow I wish I still had my first project from school - that is a real treasure

  5. Replies
    1. Yes, I'm very happy I still have this piece!

  6. A treasure indeed. How good to have had a teacher who encouraged young ones to stitch other than basic stitches...and so young at that.
    You have taken good care of the work.

    1. Yes, it's a treasure. It's a pity it's the only thing I have, I remember learning how to crochet and knit at school too.

  7. Fantastic! I think the stitches you were taught at age 8 were more advance than those in my needlework class project at the same age. We worked on waffle cloth and the needle didn't penetrate the fabric.
    I wonder if our teachers knew then how that first piece of embroidery would stimulate us to explore hundreds of new stitches, create all sorts of stitch books, gifts, quilts, ATCs and ornaments, and share our love of embroidery via computers to people on the other side of the Globe!
    Long live the teacher!
    Long live the friendship between needlewomen!
    Long live blogging!
    Long live embroidery!

  8. Yes, times have changed a lot over the years!


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