Thursday, February 18, 2010

Berry stitch

. . . is the next TAST-stitch I embroidered. This stitch is a variation of the detached chain stitch, it’s a double one. I used it to make flower petals. I added some green detached chain stitches to represent leaves and a seed bead for the heart of the flower. The thread is stranded DMC, just 2 threads.


  1. I like that - very bright and cheerful looking.

  2. beautiful! I love that orange and red together, reminds me of salmon berries.

  3. Very nice result Annet!
    But didn't we do the berry stitch 2 years ago already?

  4. Thank you!

    You're right, but I started TAST in 2008. I just want to finish it before the next TAST starts in March. Only 2 more stitches!


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