Monday, February 15, 2010


Time to show you my TUSAL-jar with lots of new orts. On the bottom are the threads of a flip flop ornament I made for a birthday. I also tried out 5 TAST stitches: Pekinese stitch, chain braid stitch, knotted cable chain stitch, thorn stitch and pistil stitch. The last 2 stitches are on the picture with my jar. The rest of the orts are from the label I made for my Sunbonnet friends quilt and my Gorse Fairies.The pistil stitch is a variation of the French knot. I tried different threads for this stitch: red perle 5, orange organza ribbon, 3 threads of stranded DMC color variations (pink 4190), variegated green Sulky cotton 30 and orange DMC broder special with yellow sequins. The sequins were not my own idea, Deepa wrote about it here.

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  1. Beautiful jar and love those pistil stitches such beautiful colours.


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