Friday, February 19, 2010

Reversible triangles

The crocheting on my daughters blanket is done. I only have to weave in the threads, it took me 2 hours already and I’m not halfway yet! Every row (there are 14 of them) has about 60 threads to weave in, so to keep me sane, I did some knitting on my Groninger blanket again. I used block 3 of Carla’s blanket, because I finished all the original blocks I wanted to make. Now I have 38 blocks finished, another one on my knitting needles and one more to think about. Time to weave in more threads!


  1. Och ja, het afhechten van draadjes is een tijdrovend en precies werkje, echt niet het leukste. Bij de Groninger Meebreideken heb ik er ook aardig wat uurtjes aan besteed. Met bijna 40 afgeronde blokken, vorder jij ook flink!

  2. That looks nice and cosy. Love the soft colour.


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