Saturday, January 5, 2013

More details on my white TAST sampler

Today I made the last stitches on my white TAST sampler. I started with detached chain stitches inside the fly stitches. The thread is Caron Wildflowers.
The remaining part of my sampler is filled with running stitches. I stitched it the same way as the tangle Diva Dance, for the black spaces I used different stitches. These are drizzle stitches and French knots with cotton a border and Caron Wildflowers.
At the edge I stitched some partial buttonhole wheels with perle 5.
Sheaf stitch with cotton a broder.
A small whipped wheel with cotton a broder.
Satin stitches with stranded floss.
I made a beaded Hedebo edge in the corner, because I didn’t want my pansy to be part of the running stitch area. The thread is cotton a broder.
Now all I have to do is add more beads and damp stretch my sampler.


  1. Wat ben jij creatief met dat borduren, Annet. Die steken leren uitvoeren is één, er een mooi ogende sampler van maken is een heel ander verhaal. Prachtig!

  2. some lovely stitches here, cotton a broder is not a thread I have used much but seeing what you have done with it must use it more, mind you finding a shop that sells it might be a problem!

  3. Great selection of Tast stitches I to have not tried this thread, will look some out.

  4. You stitch are so even. I can wait to see the whole sampler ;-)

  5. I am constantly drooling over your stitch combinations! Where do you get all your ideas from? The simple Running stitches set off the others so well.

    1. Thanks you, this stitch combo was inspired by a tangle, the link is in my post.


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