Saturday, May 19, 2012

Appliqué and cutwork

Yesterdays lesson for Karen’s class embroider,embellish, create was about appliqué and cutwork. Appliqué isn’t new to me, but I never combined it with embroidery. I appliquéd a 2 cm (or ¾ inch) circle on my first block and added chain stitches and French knots. The fabric is a scrap from the first curtains of my daughters room. My husband wanted to use it as a cleaning rag!
Cutwork was almost new to me. I tried it last year on Gingham fabric, but made a mess of it. With the help of Karen’s video it was very easy. The fabric behind my cutwork circle (1½ cm or 5/8 inch) is very special to me. I was a bridesmaid when
I was 3½ years old and my dress was made of this machine embroidered fabric over a turquoise fabric. Don’t know what happened to my dress, but I still have the unused scraps of both fabrics.
Yesterday I promised to share a photo of my damp stretched second block. It’s on  my Flickr-page.


  1. Hi Annet, what I see on your blog is so fantastic - the cutwork, isn't that beautiful - and thanks for your nice words on my featherquilt. Yes, indeed. It is meant to go there to the new house. We are still waiting for the final signature....and sometimes I can't believe it that it should really happen.

  2. more beautiful embroidery~!
    it's fun to work those sentimental fabrics into projects and i like this idea better than making rags~!


  3. Both are exquisite!! You have a knack of making even the most difficult look easy


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