Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Spiked knotted cable chain

The spiked knotted cable chain is the TAST-stitch for week 35. This is my first row with Stef Francis perle 5. With the pink variation I alternated the spike from left to right. To do this I had to mirror the first part of the stitch too! The burgundy variation is DMC satin. Here I made a chain stitch instead of the first part of the stitch. The bottom row is a variation with a twisted chain instead of the first part of the stitch. I just skipped the 4th and 5th photo of the tutorial.
Then I experimented with the buttonhole part of the stitch. In the green row I used an up and down buttonhole stitch and added some French knots. The pink row is a variation with the crossed buttonhole stitch.
The blue row is another variation with the up and down buttonhole stitch. I like this variation very much. I think it's a nice seam decoration for CQ if you add other stitches and/or beads. The pink row at the left is a variation with the bullion buttonhole. I used perle 8, but I think it will look better with a perle 5. The pink row at the right is a variation with the knotted buttonhole stitch.
I wanted to try this stitch in a curve too. It works nicely and it doesn't matter if the spikes are on the inside or the outside of the curve. The threads are blue perle 5 and pink perle 8.
I enjoyed exploring this stitch. If you want to see my complete sampler, just visit my Flickr-page.

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