maandag 10 juni 2019


This year I’m participating in ICAD (Index Card A Day) for the 4th time. There’s a weekly theme with daily prompts, which you can find at Daisy Yellow. I share my cards on my Facebook blog and Instagram on the day I create them and I’ll write a weekly post with more info on this blog.

The prompt for day 4 was reflection. I found a quote on Pinterest and wrote it backwards, with the help of a flipped photo of the text. In the second photo you can read the reflection in our bathroom mirror.

The prompt for day 5 was tourist map. I have a few of those and decided to use one from Paris, because recently I bought a nice Eiffel tower stamp.
The prompt for day 6 was leaf or petal. It reminded me of the tulips I made some time ago. This time I painted old book pages and cut the leaves and petals freehand. I also used one of my hand carved stamps.
The prompt for day 7 was stencil. I had a nice old book page with leftover paint and a trial from a chevron stencil. The perfect background for my found poetry.

The prompt for day 8 was goggles, a new English word for me! Luckily I knew I had a precut face with goggles from a magazine, so I only had to find a matching body.
The prompt for day 9 was macaron. I found a macaron image in an advertisement, the perfect start of my collage with random paper.
And today’s prompt was sapphire. I found a photo of sapphire jewellery and thought it would make a nice hat for a person. But it wanted to be a body!
I try to combine the daily prompts with (part of) the weekly theme. For me that’s the fun part of this challenge!

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