Monday, February 5, 2018

Rooie finished!

In December I finished the cover for my altered book Rooie. I wrote about it here. The cover shrunk more than I anticipated, so I had to paint the edge of my original cover red. All I had to do was glue the cover to the original cover with mod podge for fabric. When it was dry, I only had to take photos, but with a very busy December I forgot all about it. Luckily Sharon started Beyond TAST with running stitch to explore for the first challenge. It’s a bit cheating, but this embroidery fits perfectly, especially because I had no time to start something new. All I do the last months is cross stitching the Australia sampler for my parents, which I hope to finish in a few months.
the frontside
the backside
the spine
I didn’t share all pages from this book, some are just too personal. It’s my first finished altered book and I’m very happy with it.
colourful pages
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  1. Really neat, Annet! Love all hose stitches, and especially like the colour!
    Barbara xx

    1. Well Rooie is Dutch for red, so I had to use red!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Sharon, it was a pleasure to work on this cover.

  3. Gefeliciteerd dat het "af" is!
    Wat ziet het er prachtig uit.

    1. Dank je wel, het was leuk om 2 dingen die ik leuk vind te combineren. Ben ook heel blij met het resultaat.


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