Monday, February 19, 2018

Beyond TAST

Beyond TAST is a season of 4-6 weeks that allows time to explore an aspect of a design, technique, style, or family of stitches. The second challenge is to explore isolated stitches. This reminded me of an old Gingham TAST sampler with (woven) detached chain stitch, fly stitch and sheaf stitch. First I devided it in 9 squares with chain stitch, which was the 6th TAST stitch. The thread is perle 12.
my 9 x 9 inch Gingham sampler
a close-up of the old stitches
The first isolated stitch I wanted to use was cross stitch. The thread is cotton a broder #25. I like the way these stitches change the Gingham.
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  1. Chicken Scratch is such a magical type of embroidery - it totally changes the look of the Gingham.
    I want to join in Beyond TAST, too, but have not got started yet. I will take some individual stitches and play with them, but not use all.

    1. It is fun to try other stitches then chicken scratch on my gingham. I played with "your" zigzag stitch too! I hope to have time to write about it later today.


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