Tuesday, February 20, 2018


In January I started a new challenge: 365somethings2018. For me this is playing with paint, markers, pencils, (hand carved) stamps, clippings, etc on paper. This can be collaging in an altered book, drawing on index cards, doodling or drawing in a Moleskin, painting on watercolour paper, etc. I also hope to participate in the zentangle challenges at I am the Diva from time to time. To get started I used the January prompts of Drawriotdaily. Maybe I do that again later this year. Sometimes I’ll share a few of my 365somethings2018 here, but you can follow my challenge on my Facebook blog or Instagram. These are a few examples of the first weeks.

4/365: a new hand carved stamp for the green prompt
9/365: a grey elephant
13/365: an orange mandala
19/365: Mondrian meets Vermeer in Delft blue for the pearl prompt
21/365: playing with hand carved stamps from Carve December for the sable prompt
26/365: a collage in one of my altered books for the tan prompt
32/365: the new tangle Rumpus for zentangle challenge 349 at I am the Diva
36/365: a doodle in my Moleskine, it’s the third of a series
41/365: zentangle challenge 350 with the tangles Rimana, Poke Root and Slurp
54/365: yesterday’s collage with a quote
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  1. Here one can certainly see how versatile you are - I think you can do anything!
    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks, Queenie. I just like to do a lot of different things and practice helps a lot!

  2. sounds like a fantastic challenge - looks like you are growing with it

    1. Thanks, Sharon. Almost 2 months I can see I'm growing with it. Making "art" almost every day makes me decide more easily what to do!


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