Wednesday, August 30, 2017

It’s a Teesha Rainbow – patches from Naomi and Sher

I’m participating in a series of swaps for Teesha Moore inspired patches with a rainbow colour. These are the pretty patches I received for the yellow, green and blue swap.
Patches made by Naomi and Sher
These yellow patches are made by Naomi, our swap host. I like the ‘redwork’ rose and machine made crazy patch.
Yellow patches made by Naomi.
The green and blue patches are made by Sher, who told me she’s a very beginner embroidery.
Green patches made by Sher.
Sher made a few neat French knots and woven wheels on the blue patches.
Blue patches made by Sher.
My blue patches are still travelling to Paula in the USA. I hope they arrive soon, so I can share them.

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  1. this looks an interesting swap you are taking part with nice collection of squares here

    1. Yes, I have a nice collection. Maybe I have enought for a small quilt.

  2. The fabric in these patches prove that there are a lot of monochrome prints.

    1. I was surprised I had so many monochrome fabric in my stash for this swap. But I didn't sign up for the complete series, there's not much purple in my stash! I hope to have enough patches for a small quilt now.


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