maandag 28 augustus 2017

CatchPhrase j-m

CatchPhrase is the new challenge at Daisy Yellow, perfect to keep the journaling-flow going after ICAD! Tammy gave us 26 prompts to work in your own pace. I planned to do a prompt every other day, so I have time to do some stitching on the other days. Read all about this challenge at Daisy Yellow.

Repeat/repeat/repeat is prompt J. I just repeated my interpretation of the repeat prompt from ICAD. It was fun to use the Universe tutorial again!
Bold is prompt K. I made this spread to remember a special day.
Symbols (or code) is prompt L. I made a yoga inspired collage.
Three words is prompt M. Houdt het simpel is Dutch for keep it simple.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I can see you are having so much fun with this challenge. Your collection of magazine and advertisement pictures is impressive.

    1. O yes, it's so much fun to work with these prompts! And yes, I have a large collection of different magazines and clippings.