maandag 7 augustus 2017

ICAD box

This year I participated in ICAD (Index Card A Day) again, it was my second time. There was a weekly theme with daily prompts.  You can find the theme and prompts at DaisyYellowThis year I made 61 cards and 2 extra blind contour drawings. 
All cards for ICAD 2017 with my hand-stitched box.
Last year I made a nice handbound book for my cards, which I forgot to share here!
All cards for ICAD 2016 in a handbound book.
This year I made a hand-stitched cardboard box. It started with the cardboard pieces glued on 2 sheets of scrapbook paper.
When the glue was dry I cut them and glued the remaining paper to the backside.
Polka dots for the outside and stripes for the inside of my box.
All parts for my cardboard box.
I used double-sided tape to attach the inside parts to the outside parts. Then it was time to make holes with this pergamano pen and a ruler.
I made the holes 1/2 cm from the edge and 1/2 cm apart.
The next step was to embroider all edges with looped edging stitch. It’s a knotted buttonhole variation, that holds it shape after each stitch you make. I used quilting thread for my stitches.
looped edging stitch
Then I sewed the parts together with a knot after each whipstitch with the same black quilting thread.
I wrapped the thread twice around the needle to make a knot.
 I decorated the front of the lid with beads.
my cardboard box on a few cards
A closer look at the inside with the lid open.
All cards fit nicely! You can take a closer look at my cards for ICAD 2017 here.
My cardboard box with 63 cards.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. You have created a stylish box for your unique cards. It's a great way to keep them together.

    1. Thanks, Queenie. It took more time than I thought, but I'm very happy with this box.

  2. so good to see all the cards together and very impressed with both the book from last year and your box for this year good to see you stitched it together

    1. Thanks, Margaret. Last years book was a lot of work,all those holes! The sewing part took much less time!

  3. I like your box My postcards live in an open box and gather dust. I will try to make a box with your instructions. Thanks for the 'how-to' Annet.

    1. Thanks, Maureen! Great idea to make a box for your postcards. Maybe I make one (or two) for mine too. Thanks for the reminder!