Monday, June 26, 2017

ICAD 20-26

This year I’m participating in ICAD (Index Card A Day) again, it’s my second time. There’s a weekly theme with daily prompts. I share them on my Facebook blog the day I create them and I’ll write a weekly post with more info here. You can find the theme and prompts at DaisyYellow.

I made another mandala for day 20. This one is inspired by Tammy’s mandalas and a few zendoodle drawings I found at Pinterest.
Day 20
For day 21 I recycled an old mandala from my colouring book and added a quote. It’s Dutch for simplicity is not simple.
Day 21
I had a shopping trip with my youngest daughter on day 22. So I only had time to make a one staple collage to remember this day. It's the first time this year I didn't use theme and prompt.
Day 22
For day 23 I used the block quote tutorial from Tammy’s Index Card Art Tutorials -Explore Pack. Cindy is just pretending to be the Cheshire Cat.
Day 23
 A simple collage for day 24.
Day 24
A collage decorated with some doodles for day 25. I like making these silly faces.
Day 25
And this morning I made another collage for day 26.
Day 26
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  1. You are so creative, even when you have little time because of a shopping outing.

    1. It was almost midnight when I made that card!

  2. you are certainly doing very well on this challenge keeping up with doing one a day, loving the cat and especially liking the day 26 one

    1. Thanks, Margaret. Day 26 is one of my favourites too!

  3. I haven't been doing ICAD this year but I enjoy seeing yours! In this batch I especially like day 26.

    1. Thanks, Tricia. Day 26 was fun to do. The bird needed something to sit on and I thought the broccoli was a good place!


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