Monday, March 6, 2017

Doily canvas

When I was reorganizing my photos I found the missing photos of a doily canvas I made for a dear friend. She gave me a pile of doilies to use in my CQ. They were made by her mother many years ago. I wanted to make something for her with a few of these doilies, before using them in CQ. This canvas was inspired by a doily canvas I saw at Pinterest, unfortunately the link doesn’t work anymore. Just click the photo take take a closer look at this canvas.
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  1. You have displayed the beauty of these doilies in a great way. So much better than when there is a dish put on top!

  2. what a lovely way to display these doilies

  3. This is so special. I have a soft spot for lace as well.

  4. Thanks ladies, I still enjoy seeing this at my friends house.

  5. I love doilies, these are gorgeous and show precious work.

    1. Yes, these are very pretty. The one at the top right is knitted, the others crocheted.


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