Monday, February 27, 2017


If you follow this blog at Facebook, you’ve already seen 2 of these spreads in my altered book Rooie.These are my interpretations of the first 3 of Daisy Yellow’s Wonder 31 prompts. I share them there on the day I finish them. If I have a few of them I share them here in a bunch.

The first prompt wasn’t easy, how minimal should it be?
prompt 1 - minimal
The second prompt reminded me of Christmas, but that was not what I wanted to do around Valentines day! Luckily I found the clipping of the mermaid and build on that.
prompt 2 - Snowglobe
The third prompt was inspired by the pretty cut and flip work of Julie Fei-Fan Balzer. She shares them frequently in her weekly vlog. I wasn’t happy with just a cut and flip butterfly, so I altered it with another clipping. Van binnen bekijken is Dutch for look inside. I like this weird page!
prompt 3 - Butterfly
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  1. Gosh, Annet! It's all a matter of how you see it isn't it! I like the Snowglobe best! Can't wait to see what you do with the 60's! So much to choose from!
    Barbara x

    1. Thanks, Barbara. In the meantime I finished my 60's prompt interpretation and shared it on my Facebook blog. I'll share it here when I have finished a few more prompts.

  2. A look inside, eh? For us who are no surgeons it is difficult to look at the actual internal organs, so these medical models are a great way to understand what we all carry around inside. I remember the one at the Science Museum in Tokyo being one of the most popular 'hands-on' displays for children - ripping out organs and putting them back again. Our future surgeons?

    1. Putting all organs back must be a puzzel!

  3. Replies
    1. Dank je, Marjolein. Het is leuk om op deze manier 'out of the box' te werken.


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