Thursday, February 23, 2017

Randje 57-59

I’m still working on my borders for Randje per week 2015. More info about this SAL at Randje per week.
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  1. borders must be pretty long by now

  2. Your borders are very pretty! I've just been looking back at some of your older ones .... you have a beautiful collection!
    I know where to look if I need to add a border!
    Great stitching Annet!
    Barbara x

  3. These are simple, yet striking. Yes, you must have a good collection of broders by now!

  4. Thanks, ladies. Yes I have quite a collection by now. This is page 10 and I'm sure it will not be the last one!

  5. Borders are lovely..I want to work the same..

    1. Thanks, Lakshmi. Unfortunately the patterns are not free anymore, but I think you can stitch them by looking at my borders.


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