Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Work In Progress Wednesday - February 5

This week I finished my first Work In Progress Wednesday project for this year: 
my Fantasy fabric book.
Here all pages were sewed together. It only needed a spine, . . .
. . . which I knitted with a hairy knitting yarn.
I found the pattern for the unicorn here.
The pages in this book are made for me by Catherine, Evi, Helinä, Janny, Juliette, Margreet, Mary, Masha, Maureen, Ritva and Anne. I made a slideshow, which you can watch here. I’m very happy with my new fabric book!
More info about Work In Progress Wednesday at Pin Tangle.


  1. Het is een erg mooi geheel geworden en de pagina's ieder apart zijn ook zeer de moeite waard. Gefeliciteerd met je finish!

  2. That hairy spine adds the final touch to this fantastic fantasy book! A treasure!

  3. delightful and thank you for the slideshow this is something to treasure

  4. The book looks fantastic and the use of the knitting yarn is a brilliant idea!

  5. Yes, Annet you should be very happy with your fabric book. The knitted spine is a great idea too.

  6. I often mind about crafting an embroidered book. but I don't have enougth time. Yours is wonderful !

  7. How wonderful! You have such wonderful pages. The book is beautiful....what a treasure.

  8. A wonderful fabric book. It turned out very well.


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