Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ghiordes knot on my second pebble

Ghiordes knot AKA Turkey work was on my to-do-list for a long time. My second pebble was the perfect project to give it a try. I used a full thread of stranded Schürer floss for my ghiordes knot after reading the instructions in my embroidery book. If you’re not familiar with this stitch, there’s a great video here. At the base of the ghiordes knot I stitched whipped spokes and colonial knots with perle 12.
At the other side I stitched a stemstitch filling with 3 threads of stranded floss and decorated it with beads.
The beads spreads to the part with the star too. They look very nice between the colonial knots.
More colonial knots, this time in brown stranded floss around and between the crested chain stitch (TAST stitch 70).
And this is how my second pebble looks today.
I think the embroidery is finished, so maybe this pebble will be finished soon.


  1. Your choice of stitches and the placement of them have made this into a very 'organic' pebble. The Crested Chain Stitch in varying length is so different from the even ones I made when we did TAST #70; thanks for once again pointing out the potential of a stitch.

  2. Wat een bijzondere borduursteken. Toen ik het fotootje in mijn bloggerlijst zag, dacht ik eerst dat er schelpen op de foto stonden. Maar het is prachtig borduurwerk. De kleuren zijn ook schitterend.

  3. this piece is coming along a treat, I really love seeing it develop

  4. This is lovely, such beautiful detail! Is it hand-dyed or painted fabric, and are you stitching over actual pebbles?

    1. Thank you,Elizabeth. The fabric is rust dyed. In this post you can see how I started and what gives it the dimensional look:

  5. I love this Annet, so much detail....

  6. I love all this, such beautiful stitching and an unusual design!


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