Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Work In Progress Wednesday - November 20

I couldn’t resist starting a new project, so I make it my WIPW Christmas project. 
My fantasy fabric book will be in hibernation until next year. The first step for my Christmas project was cutting fabric in different sizes, but always 2 of the same size in matching fabrics. Here they are ready for the next step.
Then I had to sew 3 sides of the 2 matching fabrics. Santa was the first one.
This lovely red fabric with holy leaves was the last one to sew.
Then it was time to stuff them, I’m almost halfway on this photo.
The last step on the sewing machine was closing the last side of the patches.
The result of an evening with my sewing machine.
In daylight I made a colour palette to use on these little patches.
My first finished patch. The edge is whip stitched with stranded floss, the quilting is done with perle 8. I stitched colonial knots on the red stars and beads on the green stars.
I keep my patches in a basket with the threads in a zip lock bag, ready to start stitching.
My project is inspired by Teesha Moore. She has 4 tutorials for this technique:

More info about Work In Progress Wednesday at Pin Tangle.


  1. The result of an evening with your sewing machine... Now I can see the speed of your work and why you always produce so much. I had a look at Teesha Moore's tutorials and the projects looks fun. I am looking forward to seeing YOUR result.

  2. Your project looks so interesting, hapy sewing!

  3. you did a great deal in an evening, looks like an exciting project

  4. This looks so much fun,think I'm gonna have a play too one day real soon


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