Friday, November 8, 2013

My work on Ritva’s block

I was the last person to work on Ritva’s block for the round robin at Fibre Fever. Her block arrived at my home with Zurn’s and Hideko’s lovely stitches.
First I stitched a tree in stem stitches and added colonial knots to represent blossom. The threads are perle 12 and 8.
Feathered chain stitch in perle 5.
A combo of up and down feather stitch and slipped detached chain stitches. The threads are cotton a broder and stranded floss.
Ritva’s block with the stitches from Zurn, Hideko and me.
Take a closer look at my work on Ritva’s block here.


  1. The three of you have added lovely stitches.

  2. Ritva is gojng to be delighted with this block, you have all added lovely stitchery

  3. The block is looking lovely, your stitching is beautiful!


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