woensdag 4 september 2013

Work In Progress Wednesday - September 4

With Janny’s help I could figure how to add the pages to my fabric book. I watched a few video’s about book binding and made 3 signatures of my pages.  The first page is made by Helen,
it’s attached to the second page made by Francis. The first signature.
The third page is made by Teresa.
It’s attached to the notes on a smaller page. The second signature.
The fourth page is made by Trillian,
it’s attached to the last page made by Vicki. The third signature.
You can see me flipping the pages of the signatures here.

More info about Work In Progress Wednesday at Pin Tangle.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. woowwww this book is gorgeous. you are really talented !

  2. Have you published your own book yet Annet ? If not you should. I am always saying WOW out loud when I visit your Blog. Stunning work and always so colourful. Take care now. Marion x

  3. Mooi, zo'n fabric book. Misschien ga ik die kunst ook eens afkijken, bedankt voor de link.
    Voor kruissteekjes hoef ik trouwens geen cursus meer te volgen, gelukkig, haha. Die cursus, daar komt volgens mij geen kruissteekje aan te pas.

  4. Het is nog mooier dan de mijne......foei....! haha

  5. what a wonderful book to have, I am sure you will be picking it up and looking through these lovely pages numerous times.

  6. Your book is gorgeous, so much work and imagination, you have made something beautiful, well done!

  7. Most wonderful idea - I saw the video - lovely. Great lttle artworks to see here.
    Thanks for your comment on my crazy bag.

  8. Your book looks so nice. Mine isn't done. I have to finish it soon! Perhaps I can do it this year.

  9. Another WOW from me. This books is going to be a wonderful memento.