Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Old Siennese stitches

TAST stitch 83 is Siennese stitch. TAST stands for Take A Stitch Tuesday, 
a challenge at Pin Tangle.

This is one of the stitches I learned and never used again, so all I have to share is my old TAST 2010 sampler. I started with Siennese stitches in Caron Watercolours.
For this sample I used 2 different colours perle 8.
Here I turned each next stitch a quarter. So the beginning straight stitch was at the left, the top, the right and the bottom to make a square in perle 5.
Another experiment with perle 5. The second part of the Siennese stitch is wider than the first part in the first and last row. The row in the middle is just the opposite, the second part is smaller than the first part. I also alternated the first part of the stitch from top to bottom.
In this experiment I alternated the stitches in the previous sample in 2 different colours perle 5.
A small row with DMC Jewell effects, a very tricky thread!
Siennese stitches in a variegated cotton thread, the size is almost the same as perle 12.
This row is stitched in perle 8. I alternated the beginning straight stitch from left to top.
In this next variation I made the second part of the stitch on both sides of the straight stitch.
Here’s the simple drawing I made as a reminder.
These freestyle Siennese stitches are done in perle 8.
There are more old samples of Siennese stitch from other participants in the Flickr TAST group.


  1. You have whetted my appetite for this stitch - so many ways to use it.

  2. another stitch I have not come across, will have a go and see what I can make of it, certainly will not be as varied as you have managed

  3. your work is really even. I have to try to catch up the tast, but I am too lazzy for that ^^'

  4. great samples. I have to try this working on both sides of the straight stitch, looks interesting. thanks for sharing.

  5. I have tried this variation of working on both sides on the fourth row of my sampler. it is on my blog-
    Thank you,


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