Monday, September 2, 2013

My work on Zurn’s block

I was the second person to work on Zurn’s block for the round robin at Fibre Fever. Her block arrived at my home with Hideko’s lovely stitches. You can take a closer look at them at Hideko’s blog.
I started with the lace in the top right corner, it was a gift from Maureen earlier this year. I attached it with woven detached chain stitches, colonial knots and beads.
The next seam is done with a combo of wrapped coral stitch, slipped detached chain stitch and thorn stitch. I added beads to represent flowers.
Then I stitched a buttonhole eyelet flower on the seam connected to Hideko’s lace and . . .
. . . stitched feather stitches from both directions to the buttonhole eyelet flower. 
I added colonial knots to the arms.
The last seam is decorated with organza ribbon and French knots.
 The butterfly is needle tatted by me, the body is a bullion knot.
Zurn’s block with the stitches of Hideko and me.
Take a closer look at my work on Zurn’s block here.


  1. Hideko-san not only makes the most beautiful cq seams but also works so fast, just like you. With the stitches you have added, this will be a BEAUTIFUL block.

  2. Annet,
    I am so excited to see my block again. Your stitches are lovely. Thank you so very much for adding your time and expertise :)

    1. I'm glad you like it, I enjoyed working on your block.

  3. So pretty! Your tatted butterfly is beautiful :)

  4. what a georgous block do hope we will see it when finished, lovely stitching you have added to it.


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