dinsdag 13 augustus 2013

Vandyke stitch

TAST stitch 76 is Vandyke stitch. I used some threads I didn’t use in my first Vandyke stitch sampler. This thread is Stef Francis spun silk with flames, a thread that changes in colour and thickness.
Vandyke stitch in wool.
Here I made stretched Vandyke stitches with perle 5.
This row is stitched with 2 different threads in 2 needles: purple cotton a broder and yellow perle 12.
A combo of Vandyke stitch in Stef Francis perle 5 and arrowhead stitch in cotton a broder.
Take a closer look at my Vandyke stitch sampler here.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Of these my favourite is the one where you have used two threads in two needles. Nice idea and nice result.

  2. I enjoyed this stitch too, finally caught up, did 14 stitches last week so must now keep on top of them, could not do the buttonholed double chain stitch though, that one just would not work for me