Friday, February 1, 2013

TAST 49 & 50

This year I’m going to use the TAST stitches on projects I’m working on. The knotted feather stitch was perfect for my 4th Crazy White block. I used white perle 5 for it.
This is a progress photo of the cross stitched butterfly. It’s stitched with cotton a broder with waste canvas attached to my block. I found the butterfly pattern in my book ‘Merk - en stoplappen’ by M.G.A. Schippers-van Lottum.
And here’s my butterfly after removing the waste canvas.
This week’s TAST stitch is inverted feather stitch, a new stitch for me! I used it to connect block 1 and 5 of Karen’s class embroider, embellish, create. I used white perle 8 for it. It was not such a good idea to use it this way, I had to stab stitch it with all those layers of fabric.
Here's a detail of that seam, I think it looks nice for a first time.
Of course I want to experiment with the inverted feather stitch, but I promised myself not to stitch TAST samplers. I hope to share my solution in a few days.


  1. stitching worked well here, the waste canvas is great for dong counted work on fabric that is not evenweave, reminds me I need to buy some more.

  2. Ik vind het heel bijzonder dat je steeds weer nieuwe toepassingen weet te bedenken. Heel inspirerend!

  3. Nu snap ik eindelijk wat "waste canvas" is. Die class van Karen Ruane ziet er intrigerend uit. Dank je wel voor de foto's.

  4. It is amazing to hear there is a stitch you have not use yet! When you used it, however, for the first time it looks great, and proves that your are indeed experienced.
    The Knotted Feather has found a good home on the Crazy White block, as has the butterfly.
    It is always lovely to see your work.

  5. your butterfly complements your piece beautifully

  6. Wow, this is so wonderful.

    Greetings from Germany,


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