zondag 10 februari 2013

Raised twisted lattice band

The TAST stitch for this week is raised herringbone band. I found this stitch in my embroidery books as raised lattice band, which has a padded satin stitch. In my embroidery book Stitch Sampler by Lucinda Ganderton the twisted lattice band was next to the raised lattice band. So I stitched a raised twisted lattice band and took some step by step photo’s.
I started with a padded satin stitch with a full thread of stranded floss. Just stitch long horizontal stitches with the same thread as a padding for the satin stitch.
Then I stitched a double herringbone with Stef Francis perle 5. Unfortunately I forgot to take a progress photo of this step. This is an old photo of a double herringbone stitch with French knots with 2 colours, so you can see how it’s done.
Start the lacing at the top right side. You work from right to left at the top half of the double herringbone stitch. Here the threads goes from top to bottom.
And then from bottom to top. Repeat this until the end of the row and take the thread to the back.
Continue lacing at the bottom left side. Now you work from left to right at the bottom half of the double herringbone stitch. Here the thread goes from bottom to top.
And then the thread goes from top to bottom. Guide the thread with your fingers, so the thread comes under the thread in the centre. Repeat this until you complete the row and take the thread to the back.
In this example I stitched the double herringbone stitch close together, but you can change the look of the raised twisted lattice band by leaving space between the stitches.

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Wat een variatie met één steek!

  2. you have used very beautiful colours in these samples Annet....

  3. A great tutorial for a great looking stitch!
    First I think padding the Satin stitch both covers the fabric so the band is more solid in colour and raises the stitches off the fabric and as you say help to steady the Herringbone stitch and the lacing.
    Your pictures are clear and easy to follow.
    Thank you, Annet!

  4. thanks for the idea. I wnated to use a double herringbone stitch, but I didn't see haw to interlace it. your method is perfect.

  5. such a variety of stitching, thanks for sharing

  6. I love harrybone with french knot. Its looks very beautiful.

  7. The sampler with french knots is awesome. I like the one with double herringbone with lacing.
    Thanks for the comments on my blog.

  8. You did great things with this stitch - nice to look at.

  9. A very impressive looking stitch! I like the colours you have chosen.