Sunday, February 3, 2013

Inverted feather stitch

This week’s TAST stitch is inverted feather stitch. After my first trial I wanted to experiment with this stitch, but I promissed myself not to stitch TAST samplers this year. I remembered a few older samplers in my cupboard, a lot of them were 
10 x 10 inch. So I decided to make an Aida sampler to use as a doodle cloth for all stitches I want to try, including the TAST stitches. At the end of the year (or the beginning of next year!) I’m going to turn my UFO’s and this sampler into a fabric book. My chicken scratch sampler will be part of it and another unfinished sampler that I will add to my Work In Progress Wednesday projects. I’ll write about it next Wednesday.

These are the first stitches on my 14 count Aida sampler. And yes, they are all inverted feather stitches. I only changed the look by using different threads and alter the spacing. From top to bottom: perle 8, Caron Watercolours and perle 12.
Take a closer look at these stitches here.


  1. Het lijkt me lastig om te bedenken wat je steeds moet maken met al die steken, zeker als je al een paar jaar meedoet met de TAST.
    Ik vind het bijzonder om te zien dat dezelfde steek er zo anders uit kan zien.

  2. You, as well as Claudia and Isabelle, have shown how this stitch can change appearance with the tread used, the length and width. I now feel much more tempted to try the Inverted Feather again. Thank you!

  3. you are so organised you put the rest of to shame. I so agree with Queenie, did not like the stitch at all but maybe I was being unfair when i see what you and others have done. Your book sounds like a great idea.

  4. making this stitch very closed is an interessant variation. I have to try it too !


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