Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Old knotted buttonhole stitches

The TAST stitch for week 39 is knotted buttonhole stitch. This stitch looks like 
2 buttonhole stitches tied with a chain stitch. My first sample is a progress detail with 2 colours for the different parts of the stitch on my TAST 2010 sampler. Take a look at my Flickr-page to see it bigger.
This is a seam on my crazy Pink ornament. The knotted buttonhole is stitched with Sulky cotton 30, the French knots with stranded floss.
My last sample is part of my spiked knotted cable chain for TAST 2010. It’s stitched with perle 8. I replaced the normal buttonhole part in this stitch for a knotted buttonhole stitch.
I’m glad the knotted buttonhole is part of TAST 2012, I had to look at my samples to remember it!


  1. Wat een grappige steek.

  2. a good variety here, wonder what you will do for this time (think all thee are from 2010?)

    1. Thanks, Margaret. Yes all samples are from 2010, after that I forgot this stitch! I already stitched a few rows this morning, but I'm going to add more. It's such an easy stitch to experiment with!

  3. Thanks for posting your knotted buttonhole stitching Annet. I haven't tried it yet but it doesn't look too complicated at all.

  4. All the samples are beautiful. I like the second one more.

    shami immanuel.

  5. wonderful samples. thanks for sharing.


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