Saturday, September 29, 2012

Knotted buttonhole stitch

The TAST stitch for week 39 is knotted buttonhole stitch. The top row is done in perle 8. The bottom row is stitched in Stef Francis spun silk with flames.
The next 2 rows are inspired by my blue PLOS sampler. I alternated the knotted buttonhole stitch with the single knotted buttonhole stitch. The thread is Stef Francis perle 5.
A beaded knotted buttonhole stitch. The thread is cotton a broder.
Here I continued playing with 2 colors. On my TAST 2010 sampler I changed colors after the first buttonhole stitch. Now I changed colors after 2 buttonhole stitches, it looks much better! The threads are perle 5.
This sample is a variation on the buttonhole border I made in week 2. It’s just 2 rows of knotted buttonhole stitches with cross stitches to connect them. The thread is perle 8, but I think a perle 5 would have been better.
The last part of my sampler is inspired by Maureen, who wrote that the knotted buttonhole looked like the up and down buttonhole stitch. I stitched all 3 rows with DMC perle 5 color variations. The bottom row is knotted buttonhole stitch, the middle row up and down buttonhole stitch. The top row is a combo of both stitches, so I think it’s a knotted up and down buttonhole stitch. I like this variation!
My complete sampler is here.


  1. There is ALWAYS so much to learn from your work. THANK YOU for sharing and teaching us.
    I love the version where you have changed the colour.
    In the sample of the knotted and up-and-down version we can see how much straighter the latter version is . Therefore the 'up and down knotted buttonhole' gives a straighter look to the stitches.

  2. such a variety here. always good to see what you have been up to, gives us all inspiration, more hours in the day please

  3. Mooi weer, Annet! De kleur van de stof vind ik ook mooi. Heb zelf veel te veel de neiging om altijd maar wit of crème te gebruiken.

  4. Very nice sampler. I love the way you experiment all stitches

  5. nice sampler. I like the fifth one changed colour version very much.

  6. wow ! your stitches are so regular !
    congratulations for your enlightening !

  7. Je hebt er veel werk van gemaakt om allerlei verschillende variaties te laten zien. Deze steek biedt meer mogelijkheden dan je op het eerste gezicht denkt. Bedankt dat je dit alles laat zien.


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