Friday, March 11, 2011


Last week I played with a kaleidoscope program Sharon suggested in her studio journal class. I just had to try making kaleidoscopes of some of my creations. For the first one I used a button cluster on my CQ block. For the next one I used a photo of my dragon ornament. I added this one to my journal with a few notes what I could do with it.
I also used a photo of my Nefertiti. The star is just beautiful.
For this one I used a photo of the threads in my orts jar. This could be the inspiration to produce new orts!
Of course I had to try one of my zentangles too. This is a kaleidoscope of my zentangle Relax. It could be a new zentangle.


  1. I love kaleidoscopes! How creative to use your art....the results are very interesting!

  2. I really love the zentangle kaleidoscope. it is a work of art on it's own


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