Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Raised cup stitch

I made a few raised cup stitches with perle 5 today. This stitch reminds me of the spiral trellis stitch, but that one works clockwise. I started with the small red one in the upper left corner. The other red one has a second round added. The other 2 are made of a small and a bigger raised cup stitch. For the big one I made 5 large straight stitches instead of the triangle. I decorated them with a few beads. This stitch is part of the Take A Stitch Tuesday challenge at Pintangle.


  1. Well done Annet they look wonderful.
    I will do mine today/

  2. Annet thank you so much for sharing your lovely work...your have a wonderful imagination with all of your stitches.

    I really enjoy looking at your CQ squares and all the beautiful stitches you have done on them.


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