Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bullion buttonhole

I had a lot of fun with the bullion buttonhole! I found some milliners needles and it was a pleasure to use them. What a difference does a needle make! First I made a simple purple row with perle 5 with 2 corners in it. In the corners I made 3 stitches.My next row is done with a variegated cotton thread. I alternated the direction of the stitches.
I also made a square with 4 bullion buttonhole stitches in perle 5.
Then I didn’t had time to stitch for a few days, but yesterday the stitching bug bit me! I made a lot of bullion buttonhole stitches with perle 5 and this variation is one of them. I made a combination of the crossed buttonhole stitch and the bullion buttonhole. The stitches are much longer (9-12 wraps).
I decorated my sampler with some French knots and I added a knotted loop stitch to my first purple row at the top left corner. There is a big picture of my sampler on my Flickr-page.


  1. Very nice, I especially like the square and your version of a crossed buttonhole bullion stitch.

  2. Beautiful..Ilike the bullion square very much..

  3. Wow Annet what beautiful samples you have made this week.


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