Saturday, October 17, 2009

Laidwork foundation embroidery 1

The new challenge for Stitch Explorer is laidwork foundation embroidery. Sharon mentioned the stitches in my favourite embroidery book ‘Embroidery Stitches’ by Mary Webb, which I always have at hand. So this book is the start of my challenge. In January I made a purple ATC with a trellis filling stitch. Now I started with a squared filling stitch (bottom left) and a plaid filling stitch (bottom right). The stitches at the top row are honeycomb filling stitch (red), Torocko stitch (top middle) and trellis couching (top right). I used 2 strands of DMC for everything, but the last one would be better with a different thread. Maybe I’ll try some cotton broder or perle, because I cannot work with wool.


  1. Hoi Annet,

    Bedankt voor de reactie op mijn blog en leuk dat je al gestart bent met deze techniek. Ik heb ook al een voorzichtig beginnetje gemaakt. Volgens mij zijn er eindeloos veel mogelijkheden, dus daar zijn we wel een maandje zoet mee.

  2. Thank you very much Annet....your honey comb filling is beautiful..thanks for the link is great help for me..

  3. love this patterns annet..thanks for sharing the great wonderful might come in handy someday..


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