Sunday, September 20, 2009

Totally Useless SAL September

The contents of my TUSAL-jar was growing, so I had to push it down to make room for more orts. This month I started with Mary Corbet’s long and short stitch lessons, so there are threads of element 1 and 2 in my jar. For the August challenge of Stitch Explorer I did some pattern darning. I made an ATC of an original pattern and I made a pattern of my own: a zebra. That’s why there is a lot of black in my jar! The red orts are from a card I made for a friend and there are threads from the beaded ATC’s I made. And I made more blocks for my crazy Monday quilt: block 8, 9, 10 and 11.

I already know what to do with my orts when this SAL is finished. I’m going to make ATC’s in the same technique as my bubble and squeak ATC’s.


  1. leuk om je stoplap-zebra te zien: een erg mooi resultaat, extra mooi omdat het een eigen ontwerp is.

    ik ben nu al benieuwd hoe het eruit komt te zien als je je restjes gaat gebruiken!

  2. You are certainly doing great with your TUSAL container! I love the Zebra, I have not tried that technique, but you made it look so easy I just might.


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