Thursday, September 24, 2009

The bee and the ladybug

I wanted to embroider a bee on a quilt, but I first tried it on a piece of unbleached cotton. I found a pattern in my embroidery book 'Doodle-stitching' by Aimee Ray.
I used backstitches, running stitches and satin stitches.A friend is working on a quilt for her new grandchild. She wanted some ladybugs on it and asked me if I had a pattern. I had a pattern of a padded straight stitch ladybug (on page 22 of this Stitch Guide), but that doesn’t work on a quilt that will be used for a baby. So I tried one myself with the same drawing and I’m very happy how it turned out. I used a spiral trellis stitch for the body, satin stitches for the head, straight stitches for the feelers and French knots for the spots and the dots on the feelers. The legs and the black line on the body are couched. I already made 2 ladybugs for her quilt and I’m taking a lot of pictures. Maybe I make a tutorial.


  1. Please do make a tutorial! I love the ladybug!

  2. Yes please on the tutorial! The ladybug looks great.

  3. I just love the ladybug and bee

  4. Ok... this are lovely bugs !!!


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