Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Work In Progress Wednesday - October 3

The background of my quilt is slowly growing. I thought I could finish my quilt this year, but the quilting takes longer than I thought. This part of the background took me 4 hours!
backside of my quilt
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  1. Ja, quilten is ontzettend leuk om te doen maar het kost zóveel tijd. Weet je wat ik ook heel leuk vind? Dat de achterkant vaak net zo de moeite waard is als de voorkant van de quilt, dat zie ik nu op jouw foto's ook weer.

  2. inderdaad quilten duurt lang vooral als het werk er zoals bij jou perfect uitziet

  3. Yes I agree, quilting does take an age to do, but once in the swing of it I find it very relaxing. Great to see progress - cheering you on!

  4. beautifully quilted, like Sharon says it can be very relaxing once in the swing, not that I have done much only very minor bits like cushions and small bags


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