vrijdag 19 oktober 2012

Italian knotted border stitch

The TAST stitch for week 42 is Italian knotted border stitch. I drew a lot of different ideas and I started with this one on my black linen sampler. Unfortunately I didn’t succeed to take a good photo of it.
Then I continued on my Aida, much easier to count! The first row is a combo of buttonhole stitch and Italian knotted border stitch in perle 5. The second variation is stitched with 2 threads of stranded silk.
I experimented a little more with my first idea in the third row, the thread is stranded floss. The wide border is a combo of a woven Cretan stitch and Italian knotted border stitch. The threads are perle 12 and stranded cotton and silk floss.
The 5th row is a combo of Italian knotted border stitch and pistil stitch in perle 5. The last row is a variation in Stef Francis spun silk with flames.
Take a closer look at this 2 x 2 inch sampler on my Flickr-page.

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice experiments Annet..one with pistil stitch is most beautiful!!

  2. Het is altijd lastig kiezen tussen evenwave en aïda wat mij betreft. Het eerste vind ik mooier, maar aïda borduurt vaak makkelijker.
    Je hebt weer mooie stekenvoorbeelden gemaakt.

  3. As always interesting and beautiful!

  4. ALL samples look beautiful !!!! one on aida turned really good !!!!!

  5. The Italian Border stitch, like others in the Fly stitch family and those with straight lines + knots make truly beautiful combinations. There is a very 'knitted' look in many of your combos. I especially like the one with Cretan stitch.
    It is always a pleasure looking at your work.

  6. great examples of what you can achieve with this stitch Annet, must get going on my sample, last minute once again.

  7. love all variations..wants to try them..

  8. wow, your sampler is very nice. and so many variations you found !

  9. a job that I can only admire, is splendor, congratulations! Silvia

  10. this is a beautiful stitch Annet. You are very skilled with your needle.

  11. all of your examples are fabulous but i really like the use of the buttonhole combination and the pistil stitch combination.
    beautiful work.