Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Old drizzle stitches

The TAST stitch for week 38 is drizzle stitch, one of my favourite stitches. This is the sample I made for TAST 2007. It’s stitched with orange cotton a broder, red stranded floss and yellow perle 5. The beaded drizzles were inspired by Elizabeth’s experiments. You can read how I added the beads here.
This is part of my woven trellis stitch sampler for TAST 2010. I added 3 drizzle stitches inside the flower. It’s stitched with Stef Francis perle 5.
This is part of my raised cup stitch sampler for TAST 2010. Here I added drizzle stitches inside the raised cup stitches. The thread is perle 5.
A beaded drizzle stitch on my embroidery Touch. The thread is ecru cotton a broder.
My last sample is part of my crazy ornament Flip Flop. The beaded drizzle stitches are done with stranded floss.


  1. Lovely stitches in great colours!

  2. Alleen de Engelse namen van de steken zijn al leuk.
    Elk bericht dat je plaatst ben ik weer verbaasd over de hoeveelheid borduurwerk die je maakt en de variatie erin. Wat mooi allemaal!

  3. you never disappoint with your Tast stitches, I always look forward to seeing your interpretations

  4. Thank you again for sharing all these great examples! The first and last look so funny!

  5. Annet - The bead use is great! What fun!


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