Saturday, September 22, 2012

Drizzle stitch

The TAST stitch for week 38 is drizzle stitch. I added them to my grey linen sampler. The threads are Stef Francis perle 5, Caron Watercolors and cotton a broder.
This pink-orange drizzle stitch with Caron Watercolors is a variation. The cast on loops of the drizzle stitch reminded me of the first half of the double knot, a needle tatting stitch. So I made 2 different cast on loops, a normal one and a mirrored one and repeated that. This variation doesn’t twist, I like it! I tried to take some photo’s of the process, but it didn’t work this time. In the first 50 seconds of this video you can see the double knot in tatting, the move of the thread is the same as in my drizzle variation.
This is a detail of block 4 for Karen’s class Embroider, Embellish, Create. It’s part of a doily I bought at a flea market, the grey satin stitches were already on it. I added the drizzle stitches with ecru cotton a broder.


  1. just beautiful! the variation is lovely and gentle too -:)

  2. I love the drizzle! Yours looks fab!

  3. Thank you for sharing the drizzle stitch variation. I like the stitches you have added to the satin stitches on the old doily, too.

  4. Good to see your drizzle stitch, like you I thought of tatting, have done this stitch on my tatting samples th get the curly effect.
    Have you tried doing it with one needle then inserting another, wrapping it around both then maybe adding another needle wrapping a few more times round all three, remove one needle few more wraps, remove another a few more wraps then pull through, had a practise and will post one on my blog in a few days if I get to getting it better. I expext you will be postng this variation with better instructions before me

  5. Your drizzle stitches look great, Annet. Very good photography!


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