Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Een stem van papier

. . . is the Dutch title of the old library book I'm altering. In English the title would be 'A paper voice'. I already wrote about the altered page with Punzel here. On these 2 pages I made rubbings with crayons and some gesso pages from my studio journal. Then I ironed them with a piece of baking paper to set the colours.
This is a little detail of the right page.
Here I ironed some fusible webbing to the pages. Then I added blue and yellow watercolour paint.
This page is my interpretation of Suz's experiment with leaves and watercolour paint. My red/orange background was completely dry when I added the leaves. I just closed the book and put some rubber bands around it to keep the leaves on the page while the green watercolour paint was drying. The next day I painted the edges of the leaves in black watercolour paint and removed them.
I'm going to add more other things to these pages when I finished the backgrounds of the remaining pages.

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  1. what imagination, I would never of thought to do something like this, glad I popped over from the current blog to have a look


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